Snow Crystals

The beauty of the Snow Crystals, sparkly shining in the sun, as the morning sky awakens with sunlight for everyone.

Let’s appreciate the morning sun and the brilliance that it brings,
How it awakens each day with glory causing all our hearts to sing!

Within the nature all around us, is a magic we cannot see,
One that’s quiet, subtle and out-of-sight, full of power and energy.

For in the stillness of this winter morn, on this day just starting new,
The glory of the Snow Crystals, shine forth with a radiant hue.

There is power in those Snow Crystals, each one so wonderfully new,
In the coldness of the winter morn, they replace the summer’s dew.

They ask for us to listen to their quiet song of peace,
To be still and silent for a time – breathing in their life with ease.

Sparkling white with brilliant shimmer in the moment of this day,
I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent listening to what they say.

Peace and love and joy and hope – for the world – for everyone.
Let’s focus all our hearts and minds with the dawning of the sun.

And let our hearts remember, that sometime hidden inner joy.
Let it find a way to bubble through the mental trappings we employ.

Break down the walls of darkness that want to snuff out all our light,
And let the shimmer of a Snow Crystal plant a spark of new delight.

For the webs that may be woven round and round inside your heart,
Can be snipped and blown away with the magic of one spark.

Let the shimmer of one Snow Crystal be the one that starts the flame,
To reignite the fire inside you, that brings power to your name.

One spark today, then one tomorrow, is all it takes to start,
The peace and love and joy and hope to be the fuel for your heart.

We must only stop a moment to enjoy their little light,
Which sparkles with the sun by day and the moonshine of the night.

They are gifts from Mother Nature, we must open our eyes to see,
And embrace their sparks within our hearts – absorbing their energy.

So thank you little Snow Crystals for your messages sung right now,
Of peace and love and joy and hope – to become a brand new vow.

The beauty of the Snow Crystals, sparkly shining in the sun,
They are the blessings of the winter day, with light for everyone.

Photo Credit: Neil Davis. 4You Photography