Vampires and Spiders

The book Dodging Energy Vampires” by Dr. Christiane Northrop, M.D. is a very timely book – for me – and for our times.

“Energy vampires feed on the life force of others. Energy vampires keep energy coming their way by masterfully playing into wounds of the people around them.” Dr. Christiane Northrop

For many years, I navigated through energetic drains by people, and always viewed it as negative people needing to draw their energy from positive people to survive.

I never had the proper terminology for what was going on around me, just a subtle knowingness that it was occurring and would keep occurring by different people. It seems I would release myself from one energy drainer, only to find myself involved with another.

I recently found myself involved with such an energy draining persona, when Dr. Northrup’s book crossed my path. I devoured the book and the wisdom contained within it. Every page had words I needed to hear.

It was a “lightbulb” moment for me, when I was able to use techniques she outlined on how to protect myself, and how to stop the energy drain.

Immediately. Subtly. Effectively.

I must say it was an amazing awakening for me, for this person is still involved in my world. This person has no idea what I have done. There were no conversations about it. But because of the personal mental stance I have taken and my inner awareness of what is really going on on an energetic level, I am no longer being pulled into their web.

For I have always seen it as a web. A fine, invisible sticky web, that layers on subtly. Not something that is a permanent structure at first, but over time, strand by strand, and layer by layer it can engulf you like a cocoon, or whatever is the correct term for what a spider does to its prey.

My mom was orphaned at the age of three, and subsequently raised by family members who were energetic vampires. Cinderella had it easy in comparison. Years and decades later, she was in a business relationship with yet another narcissistic energy vampire, or as I referred to him, a spider.

As I was witnessing my mom, entwined in his charmingly sticky web of deceit, lies, and control, I was inspired to write my story. This relationship in her life was occurring in 1997, and was when I wrote Butterflies for Life” the story of a butterfly who forgets what it is and becomes what a spider wants it to be.

(Being a child brought up reading Dr. Seuss, all of my stories are now written in rhyme. I don’t think this something that happens to all children who read Dr. Seuss – but it’s where my inspiration takes me, and my rhyming dictionary is my new best friend.)

For years, my rhyming story sat quietly in my notebook, yet played out in my head over and over, every time I witnessed an unhealthy energy exchange between two people. I attempted numerous times to try and do something with it and to get it into print, but nothing came to fruition.

This past year became the magical time when it was finally meant to be shared. On May 22, 2020, it was released for publication through Balboa Press/Hay House, and I became a self-published author.

There was no hidden agenda for releasing it in 2020, other than, that is when “all the planets aligned ever so nicely”, and my now adult daughter was inspired to illustrate it for me. I had tried throughout the years to find an illustrator, but no one had “clicked”. That is because, it was Rebecca who was meant to bring life to my story.

I read “Dodging Energy Vampires” while I was in the midst of putting my manuscript together for my own publication and was struck by the similarity of our descriptions – vampires and spiders.

Dr. Northrup’s book is the grown-up professional self-help book. Mine is the rhyming colorful children’s storybook. Both want to help you be strong and be free.

The spider represented in my story has recently passed away. It has been bittersweet. For while I mourned his passing as a fellow human, I am now very thankful for my mom’s freedom. The web he had around her was a thick one, and very tough to break free of. But it is now gone, and she is learning to fly once again as the butterfly that she is.

Only I’ve told her to stay away from the beautiful flowers with charming spiders sitting nearby!

This video is a colorful narration by myself, the author of “Butterflies for Life” and will show you what I mean about a butterfly who forgets what it is and becomes what a spider wants it to be.

If you are feeling energetically drained by someone, whether they are an energy vampire or a spider, please seek help. It is out there.

Dr. Christiane Northrop’s book is a great starting point, and her website is full of helpful information and resources. Clicking on the button below will take you to her website.

Stay safe. Be safe. Be strong. Stay strong.