We are ALL Humans

The sun still rises every morn, even when clouds are big and grey.
The world still spins around it, bringing another life-filled day.
Photo Credit Neil Davis
The morning dew will kiss the plants for their early morning drink,
and the flowers reach up to the light-filled sky in the moment of a blink.

The birds wake up and fill the air with the beauty of their song,
and begin their journey of daily flight that they practice all day long.
The energy that surrounds the Earth is always, always there,
from the grounding of the dirt below to the lightness of the air.
We too are on a journey that we follow day by day;
through the darkness of the moon by night and the brightness of the day.
The balance of the dark and light is the harmony we seek;
the duality of our human life - of being strong and being meek.
It’s not an easy journey, for we still all have stuff to learn;
there are lessons from a previous trip that are still of a concern.
The goal of what we must achieve is for our hearts full of love and light,
towards our fellow human beings, regardless of their plight.
For we ALL are the same, we ALL are humans made with skin;
ALL our bones and inner organs run the same pathways deep within.

Our blood is ALL the colour red and pumps through our central heart,
bringing oxygen and nutrients throughout our every part.
Our body keeps a constant temp. of ninety-eight point six.
If it changes from that precious spot, then we know we need a fix.
It doesn’t matter on the outside if our skin is brown or white;
when a fever starts within ourselves there is an infection in a fight.
We need to help each other on this journey of human living; 
to let go of anger and of fear and use kindness and forgiving.
We are more the same together, than the differences that we see;
We ALL are human beings from our birth until we’re free.
We ALL are made from sperm and egg and the joining of the two, 
and our growing lasts for nine whole months until our moms are due.

This doesn’t change for any,  based on the colour of their skin.
ALL human bodies are made the same during the processes within.
We ALL are born and filled with love that we bring from the other side,
and begin another journey trying to heal this great divide.
For somewhere along the way of this human journey of living life,
too many now are stuck on fighting and creating too much strife.
They are locked in feeling angry and trying to prove that they are right,
and will shout and yell and fuel their rage – looking for a fight.
Fear and rage and anger have taken over their inside fleece, 
and are blocking out their memories of love and joy and worldly peace.
They let it cloud their eyes with hate and think other skin colour is bad;
that it is a reason to shout and kill and maim another human lad.
But they really must remember - they must not forget their love inside;
WE must remember, and must begin to let light and love have a ride.
Let go of anger. Let go of fear, of hatred and of rage.
Cut those cords that trap your heart and start to turn that inner page.
Back to the one that you were born with, when as a babe brand new,
you were filled with love and joy and hope for ALL humans, not just a few.
The webs that wrap around your heart and squeeze out all love and light,
can be cut and stripped and thrown away, removing all your blight.
All it takes is one quiet moment with your angel by your side,
to help you release the pain and hate that is trapped and deep inside.
Just say their name, “My angel guide who walks alongside me.”, 
and they will be there right away to help you start to see.
Imagine how our world would be if we could all do that today;
To let our angel remove and send ALL our fear and hate away?
To remind us we’re ALL human beings, made the same, each and every one; 
made to love and care and be kind to ALL who feel the morning sun.
It starts with one, and then with two, and then more will ripple out;
let love and light begin to spark thru the inner darkness that is felt.
No more hate and no more rage and no more anger at each other.
It’s time to stop and let it go and be much better with one another.
The sun will rise and the sun will set and another new day goes by. 
Will you be the one to say, “Yes! This is something I am going to try.”
When the clouds are big and grey and they are all that you can see, 
will you reach way up above them to the sun that’s there for free?
Grab its light and feel the love; let it fill your inner heart. 
Let it melt away ALL fear and hate. Let it be your inner spark.
Remember now as you end this poem, as you carry on your way;
that we ALL are human beings. We ALL need love today.