About Us

Liana Joi Jennings, Author

To define who I am, in one short page, is a challenge for me, it’s true. I’m a woman, a wife and was a stay-at-home mom, of a daughter – and sons, one and two.

My life has been totally devoted, to living and learning with them. And every so often I would jot something down that would come to me now and then.

Old receipts, back of cards, with crayons and pens, the ideas and the thoughts would come. So now is the next step along for me, to share it with everyone.

I have spent my whole life learning lessons, about who I am supposed to become, and have evolved with each lesson learned – and yet there is still more to come!

I’ve been a retailer, a waitress and an entrepreneur, to help keep a roof over our heads. But my one true passion and dream come true is to be a published author instead.

I am a singer and have sung with a chorus of friends, who have helped me find my true voice, plus I love to pull out my cameras, to capture nature on film – is my choice.

I studied nutrition and natural healing once I became a mom, brand new, then studied the art of feng shui and crystals, to keep all our energy balanced and true.

That’s it pretty much in a nutshell, or in this case a verse or two, to let you know of who I am – I’m Liana – spelled with one N, not two.

Liana Joi Jennings

Rebecca Joi Jennings, Illustrator

This wonderful girl who was born to me so many moons ago, has always had a love of painting and drawing everything under the rainbow.

She’s an Indigo woman who has come back one more time and has brought life to my stories that are written in rhyme.

With determined strength and quiet angel whispers, her gentle fairy spirit helps guide all who meet her.

She’s an angel intuitive and can see many colours around people and places, as their energy quietly whirs.

She’s received her Mpsy.D Diploma in Metaphysical Psychology from The University of Sedona.

And as a graduate of Sheridan College in Toronto, she can work backstage in theatre and other live shows.

Together we have created stories of life, may they bring a smile to your face and lessen your strife.

Rebecca Joi Jennings

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss