• “On Writing” by Stephen King
    Day One – Novelist Writing Exercise – A Cat and a King There’s something living under my shed. Stephen King says to write everyday – One word at a time – Be consistent with it – Work your intuitive muscle – Let the stories unfold – Like finding a fossil in the ground, uncover itContinue reading ““On Writing” by Stephen King”
  • We are ALL Humans
    The sun still rises every morn, even when clouds are big and grey. The world still spins around it, bringing another life-filled day. The morning dew will kiss the plants for their early morning drink, and the flowers reach up to the light-filled sky in the moment of a blink. The birds wake up andContinue reading “We are ALL Humans”
  • Vampires and Spiders
    The book “Dodging Energy Vampires” by Dr. Christiane Northrop, M.D. is a very timely book – for me – and for our times. “Energy vampires feed on the life force of others. Energy vampires keep energy coming their way by masterfully playing into wounds of the people around them.” Dr. Christiane Northrop For many years,Continue reading “Vampires and Spiders”
  • Snow Crystals
    The beauty of the Snow Crystals, sparkly shining in the sun, as the morning sky awakens with sunlight for everyone. Let’s appreciate the morning sun and the brilliance that it brings,How it awakens each day with glory causing all our hearts to sing! Within the nature all around us, is a magic we cannot see,OneContinue reading “Snow Crystals”
  • Just Breathe
    The joy of breathing. The necessity of breathing. The reminder of the importance of breathing. For the past twenty years, I have been an acappella singer. For ten of those twenty years, I have been a musical director, guiding, teaching and directing other women to sing acappella as well. A big part of singing –Continue reading “Just Breathe”