Follow the story of a butterfly who forgets what it is and becomes what a spider wants it to be.

“Hello!” the orange butterfly said rather sweetly,
“What a lovely garden you are in.
Would you mind if I sat down for just a moment?”
The black spider smiled a large grin.

“That would be rather nice”, the black spider said,
“I would love for you to come and visit.
The flowers here are full and sweet.
Please come and rest for a bit.”
The two new friends began to talk and to laugh,
for the black spider was really quite charming.
And the orange butterfly slowly began
to not listen to its own inner voice – alarming!

Then too very soon before it could stop,
it’s feet were caught in the web!
They were stuck! Very stuck in just one spot!
It’s heart began filling with dread.
The black spider even would show the orange butterfly
a new special way to walk.
How to glide on its slippers around the web
without ever really getting stuck.

Enjoy this simple story about the power of finding your own unique way in the world and staying true to yourself.

I have some friends who like to fly
Way up above the trees
They like to soar up with the birds
And coast along the breeze
They are them and I am me
I am in a pond and they are in a tree
We are both where we should be